Applying to Study Abroad

Step 1: Create Your Online Profile 

Your first step is to create a profile on the Study Abroad Portal. 

Explore the many programs available through Study Abroad. You can search by region, country, term, and more.

Step 2: Learn More and Choose Your Program

See the Advising section of the website for the various options for study abroad advising, or the Advising Options page on the Study Abroad Portal. 

Step 3: Apply Via the Study Abroad Portal

Once you have narrowed down your options and selected your program, complete the study abroad application for your program prior to the deadline. Apply in the Study Abroad Portal.

Apply Now


For spring applicants, the deadline is September 20.

For faculty-led applicants, the deadline is February 1.

For summer/fall applicants, the deadline is March 1. 

For Dual Degree applicants, the deadline is March 1.

Applicants will be notified of placement ten (10) working days after the deadline.

Approved: Preparing to Go Abroad

Students must complete St. Edward's requirements, sponsored program requirements (as needed), and attend pre-departure orientation(s) hosted by Study Abroad. Students are additionally responsible for obtaining required documents such as passport and student visa if necessary. More information below. 

In the Study Abroad Portal

Students must commit to their program once placed and complete the requirements in the Study Abroad Portal and pay a $100 deposit. These could include registration at St. Edward’s, getting courses approved, and answering questionnaires. These are due May 1 for summer/fall/Dual Degree applicants; December 1 for spring applicants. 

Study Abroad Portal

Pre-Departure Orientation

Students are required to complete a two-part pre-departure orientation (PDO) before going abroad. 

  • Online PDO is a canvas course that students will be enrolled in upon study abroad approval, and focuses on logistics and information students will need while abroad and as returnees. 
  • In-Person PDO will be held in October for spring programs and in April for summer/fall programs. 

NOTE: Faculty-led programs will have a separate PDO schedule and will be notified at or soon after acceptance. 

Sponsored Program Requirements 

Your program may have requirements outside of St. Edward’s that need to be completed. Review your sponsored program application portal for more information. 

Student Visa

You are responsible for researching the country you will be studying in and for obtaining any necessary student visa. Information for each country’s consulate can be found on the U.S. State Department website. Search for your host country and review the “Entry, Exit, and Visa Requirements” section.

If you are an international student, you will need to research the process for the country of your citizenship to obtain a visa for the country you will be studying in.

The cost and requirements for obtaining visas vary. It is your responsibility to determine visa requirements for all countries you plan to visit while abroad, including countries that you plan to visit before or after your program.

NOTE: Students studying in France will work with Study Abroad to obtain their visa. Instructions will follow acceptance. 

While Abroad

Enrollment Verification

Students on an exchange or sponsored provider program must verify their enrollment in courses while abroad. This form must be submitted to Study Abroad within two weeks of your classes abroad.

The SABR 2150 Course

All students studying abroad will be enrolled in a one (1) credit hour course titled SABR 2150: The Study Abroad Experience. This course is on Canvas and students will be added to the Canvas site upon the start of the St. Edward’s semester.